Фото трессы волосыThe length and color during the manufacturing are selected by the customer wishes. The hair is used only for the professional extension in the beauty salons. For extension of the wefts hair use the special rings or braids.

Hair extension on the wefts with the rings it's a new safe technology. It gives an opportunity to the master to make a quality and rapid extension, lengthen and add the density of the hair.This extension is affordable to every customer regarding the prices.

The weft is measured individually for each client, cut into pieces and then sewn together. On average, such extension of wefts is made with 4 to 6 of such ranges depending on the client's hair density. Then these strips are attached to the hair with the small metal rings.

The advantages of this extension are that weft extension on the rings belongs to the cold, environmentally friendly method that is not afraid of high temperatures, the influence of chemistry and dyeing. Natural hair on the weft can be used as much as you want. Quick correction.

Wearing time depends on the speed of hair growth, usually up to two months. To remove the hair, you only need to press on the edges of the rings and that is all!

The main difference of the wefts of the company PROF-LINE - the presence of three lines of stitched weft. To the two main lines is added the third (control) line, which firmly fixed the hair. In case, if you want to cut the weft, you will need to handle the edges of the stitched weft by glue to avoid the hair crumbling.