Фото Украинская линия волос

Ukrainian line - this is an exclusive quality of hair, which allows make any manipulation with the hair extension. They are ideal for any type of the hair.


Ukrainian line - is a Slavonic hair, which was with the thermally and chemically treated to give for the hair the same shades. It differs from the Slavonic line that the hair is gathered together, sorted by color, structure, length, quality. Then they are prepared and painted by hand, which guarantees the highest quality of painting. Dyed hair are combing on the cards, then make either wefts, or keratin capsules. Accordingly, the quality in comparison with the Slavonic natural hair silk lines is the average. The hair has the second grade, and cheaper than silk hair, but much higher in quality than the European, Asian and Indian.



Ukrainian hair line also has an innovative hair treatment - cleaning by the silver. Silver has a high bactericidal properties and removes negative energy from the hair. Treatment this way the hair is safe for health of the new owner, both the physical and energetic level. Our company is the only in Ukraine, which uses this technology.


We do not handle the hair with the silicone. We developed the technology of processing of raw materials that not damage the hair cuticle and excludes them tangling. Therefore, we do not need the silicone to give the hair their marketable condition. They are shining without him. We carefully monitor the quality of raw materials and their processing at each stage to eventually get a high quality and shiny hair. All products can paint, curl, tint - from this they will not lose their original appearance. And, using of the special equipment to care for hair extension will keep the purchased hair for many years.


Own production and using of contemporary Italian and American equipment allows us to produce a wide assortment of hair - hair is the capsules, wefts, wefts on the clips, pony-tails, tails on the hairpin, bangs on the hairpin, the toupees of the hair on the hoop, and other. Our production are working to meet your wildest wishes.





Hair by Weight
Hair in the Capsules
Фото натуральные волосы вес Фото капсулы волосы
Pony-Tails Weft Hair
Фото шиньон волосы Фото натуральные волосы тресс




Our hair is different in that they made the line 'double drone', do not have section of hair tips, no fuzz and small hair. Each hair - is working. No comb out. We guarantee the quality!


Look for the hair with a note - Treated with the silver!