STATUS hair is the hair which has live cuticle and retain natural structure. Hair is elastic, soft and healthy looking.  



Hair is mainly consists from keratin - a protein composed of amino acids. The cuticle performs protective and barrier function of hair. It is formed by overlapping layers of transtarent 6-10 keratin plates, many cross bonds and lipid layers.


Cuticle protects from mechanical and chemical influenses on the hair. Hair is shining and do not break. Such hair can be worn up to 10 years.


Why  STATUS HAIR is the high quality hair line?


  • To create STATUS hair used virgin Slavonic hair of 1 grade (slices of adults)
  • Raw materials are collected in the CIS countries
  • Hair undergone through quality bacteriological and heat treatment
  • We have introduced an innovative hair treatment – cleaning by the silver. Silver has a high bactericidal properties and removes negative energy from the hair. Treatment this way the hair is safe for health of the new owner, both the physical and energetic level.
  • Hair surface is polished by a special laser technique, which tightly closes the hair scales, allowing hair to be flexible and do not break.
  • Hair is dyed at a special gentle technique, and even making blond hair they remains soft and alive to the touch.
  • Hair not processed by the silicone!



What is the difference between STATUS HAIR and other hair lines:



  • Hair is much cheaper than the Slavonic exclusive hair, as exclusive cuts are made from children's cuts . As you know, such hair is very soft as silk, and do not have any energy. They are much thinner than the hair of adult. Besides children's cuts - are expensive to purchase and in sufficient quantities their not so much on the market.
  • STATUS hair hair have a fine structure, more vibrant, and soft to the touch than Ukrainian or Asian hair dyed. Quality is in 5 times better than Ukrainian and Asian hair, but the price is about in the same category.
  • If we compare the tail of dyed Asian silicone-free, which is now being sold under the guise of mass Slavonic hair, not even an experienced buyer can touch to feel the difference between hair STATUS hair and dyed Asia without silicone. As the last hair is much more rigid and seemingly very bad dyed in blond color.
  • Making blond shades of hair STATUS hair retain their top layer of the hair remain soft and alive, what you will not find among Asian dyed hair, which particularly affected in making blond shades. As the blond shades are the hardest color to produce.
  • Huge selection of colors, manufacture of your chosen shades to order.
  • Hair remains soft and silky, smooth and have a wavy structure, the same in each tail.
  • Not treated with silicone, can be dyed, twisted, tinted.
  • STATUS hair are ideal for extension hair for ours Ukrainian girls, since they are identical in structure.



status hair 2 Status Hair


Each product is made of hair STATUS hair - it's a unique quality and gentle hand made the selection, processing, and manufacturing.



In stock we have: capsules, wefts, wefts on the clips, hair weight, hair pieces and other articles, in a large range of colors. Thanks to our own production, we perform any hair coloring, as well as any exclusive order.



In series STATUS hair, the hair can be from 30 cm to 1 meter in any products.



There is a special offer for wholesalers.


STATUS hair  - your perfect hair extension!