Slavonic Hair line 


Фото Парик, пасма волос

  Above 10 years PROF-LINE Company is a manufacturer of high-quality line of hair, and the best of them undoubtedly is the Slavonic hair line. Different companies call these hair in different ways: the Slavonic hair is not dyed, exclusive, luxury, there are a lot of names. However, they may be hiding under a different quality. Knowing, that a good quality of hair is a deficit nowadays, we carefully select and sort each hair to provide the highest quality of the Slavonic hair.


Exclusivity of the Slavonic not dyed hair is that the hair is collected from the head of one man.


We do not share this line of hair on the first and second sort. Slavonic hair is selected only the highest quality. These hair is collected in the Ukraine and Russia, in this line, no hair from other countries. Only a real cut of Ukrainian and Russian hair is a raw material for the Slavonic line.

Raw materials carefully is sorted according to color and length. After that the hair treated with the special products, developed in London. This is a secret formula that does not damage the hair, leaves open the hair scales, maintains luster and brightness. Hair is still alive. These qualities is quite difficult to achieve by other methods, and few companies know how to do it at a high level.

Caring about quality and safety of manufactured products from the hair, we have introduced an innovative hair treatment – cleaning by the silver. Silver has a high bactericidal properties and removes negative energy from the hair. Treatment this way the hair is safe for health of the new owner, both the physical and energetic level. Our company is the only in Ukraine, which uses this technology.

We do not paint the Slavonic hair and do not treat them with silicone, that not to kill their structure. All of our hair line has a natural shades from blonde to dark. In the lineup are curly and straight hair, which facilitates the selection of the hair to the client.

Slavonic hair can twist, paint, tint and straighten. You can do with them whatever you do with your own hair. And using of special equipment to care for hair extension will keep the purchased hair for many years. With the proper care for Slavonic hair, they will be serve to 10 years.

 Own production and use of modern equipment allows us to produce a wide assortment of hair - hair is the capsules, wefts, wefts on the clips, pony-tails, tails on the hairpin, bang on the hairpin, the toupees of the hair on the hoop, and others, considering all the wishes of the client.





Hair by weight

Hair in the capsules

 Фото славянские волосы  Фото капсулы



 Фото тресс  Фото шиньон





Our hair is different in that they made the line 'double drone', do not have section of hair tips, no fuzz and small hair. Each hair - is working. No comb out.


We also launched a line of hair - Slavonic dyed hair that can satisfy even the most demanding and professional masters and clients. Hair dyed only with high-quality natural-based paints. They are ideal for all types of hair.


We guarantee the quality!

Look for the hair with a note - Treated with the silver!