The company PROF-LINE offers an excellent solution elongation of hair and a chic hairstyle.

Half-wig allow you to not take the time to bring the hair in the proper form - in minutes you can achieve the desired result.

Half-wig - this is a great solution if you wish to change your hairstyle without exposing your hair with chemical perms and coloring. It creates the impression that you have completely changed the length, texture and hair color.


Half-wig is also useful to create a festive or evening hairstyles, hairstyles for a corporate party, disco or prom.


Half-wig a little in-depth basis on which the hair is sewn. Half-wigs length depends on your desire, it is fastened with clips on the back of the head.


It looks a very natural half-wig due to the fact that its edge is tamburirovanie and hair color is selected in the color of your hair, due to this transition from a place of your hair to the overhead is imperceptible.

In contrast to the wig half-wig covers only three-quarters of a head. He was fastened to the top of your hair from the middle of the head, leaving the front of your own hair and bangs.



Hair matched the color and structure are identical to your hair. If you want to create the effect of highlighting - strand should be selected on the lighter shade.

For the coloring effect - matched multicolored strands of a single tone. 

Caring for half-wigs be in accordance with the rules of care for wigs.

With careful and proper care can last a natural wig you for many years.

Types of half-wig:

Half-wigs, as well as wigs, made of natural hair and high-quality synthetic materials.


NATURAL half-wig - it is a good choice because it has a high quality modern basis. Half-wig mimic the scalp and can be easily adjusted to the desired size.

The advantage of natural half-wig is the possibility of using hair as their own: to wind on the curlers, doing chemistry and dyeing.

Synthetic half-wig - a convenient solution.

Let's see what the appeal of synthetic wigs made from synthetic fibers.

• It is easy to wear. Syntetic fibers are several times lighter natural hair and virtually no felt on the head. Modern manufacturing techniques make syntetic products completely distinguishable from the natural.
• Easy to clean - perfect syntetic products retain their shape, they do not need to pack.Hair is stored once and for all. That is, when using these wigs do not have to worry about packing.
• It's hairstyles that can be easily changed. Beautiful modern hairstyles model developed by European designers for every taste and age - you can choose exactly what suits you.
• Syntetic wigs - this is quite a unique color scheme. We offer a variety of colors and shapes.
• Wigs made of synthetic hair is cheaper natural.

Synthetic wigs are not afraid of rain and snow. When caring for and choosing the right model, a wig of synthetic hair look like natural.



The company PROF-LINE offers half-wigs:

  • Natural and synthetic
  • Made from straight and curly hair
  • Length from 40 to60 cm
  • Wide range of color palettes, styles and lengths

Our store is constantly filled with new models. 


Our staff are always ready to give you professional advice on matters of interest will help make a decision based on your taste preferences, face shape, eye color.

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