This is a new technology of hair extensions, which allows globally change in the vision of artists and clients about the service .


Extend Magic - the latest, and perhaps the best technology of hair extensions available to everyone.


It is very economical and easy to use. It is inserted into the cartridge, which can be done as a build-up and correction of hair.


It is a cold method of hair extensions - the most safe for all hair types.


Hair done at the micro level, which allows you to hide even the most aesthetic problems: very thin and sparse hair, and much more.


It is possible to build even one hair on the bangs!

The device works with all types of hair! Incremented every hair on weight.

Hair extensions using the apparatus Extend Magic still a relatively new technology for creating hairstyles.



Hair by Extend Magic meets all the requirements of customers who previously could not fully satisfy no known technology.



Extend Magic technology has taken the best of the known technology building, consists only of the pluses.


First hair may not only for women but also for men.



Extend Magic allows you to build even one hair with microcapsules.



Now, any man with thinning hair on the frontal or parietal area to get rid of this cosmetic defect.


Now capsules are so small and tidy, do not feel the tips of his fingers.


But the shortcomings of capacity include the very fact that the capsules are hard and the customer a recurring discomfort, especially during sleep.



Transparent wax which is manufactured capsule, contains keratin, gets hair color, soft to the touch, its amount is strictly metered, so the secret of your stylish hairstyle will be known only to you.


In addition, the new method is completely harmless to the natural hair.


Extend Magic affects the wax temperature of just 90 degrees.



It is very comfortable and clean technology.



Graft strands can make correction in 3-6 months.


First of all, we should remember that the graft of hair still require special care.



You must use specific professional care and comb, shampoo and conditioners.


Everything else (swimming in the pool, sauna and solarium) You are allowed as capsules Extend Magic are very stable, including high temperatures.



Contraindications for hair extension technology Extend Magic does not exist.


Such hair can be worn 3 to 6 months, depending on the rate of hair growth.