Фото европейские волосы, hairThe European line of hair - the hair is a series of "economy" class. It combines the good quality and the cheap price which available to all customers.

The quality of European hair line that PROF-LINE Company offers not inferior to the quality of hair produced in the Europe.

European hair is called Asian hair that is carefully treated. As Asian hair is in its structure and the type is hard and dark, they go through several stages of processing and chemical exposure, and in resulting damaged cuticle's layer. To restore the upper cuticle layer and to avoid tangling the hair such hair is covered with the silicone. Silicone improves the appearance of the hair, but during the washing it is washed away, so it is recommended to use silicone for the care of European hair.

European hair also can be tinted and curled. But they must not be dyed by the ammonia's colors, especially it concerns of light shades.

We offer a wide range of products from the European hair: hair by weight, capsules, wefts, pony-tails, wefts on the clips, bangs, toupees, and others.

Our production will consider all your wishes and preferences. The length of the products is from 45 to 70 cm.



Hair by Weight 
Hair in the Capsules
Фото волосы вес Фото капсулы
Pony-Tails Weft Hair
Фото шиньон волосы Фото натуральные волосы тресс


Use a special series of hair care products, it will save their original form more longer!