капсулы волосы

The hair in capsules used only for professional hair extension in beauty salons. For extension of such hair is used the apparatus for hair extension - pliers.

Capsules that manufactured by PROF-LINE Company are differing from the capsules of other companies. Their difference is in using of specialized equipment, which complies with all European standards. The hair is securely soldered to the keratin and due to this fact hold even longer and firmly on the head of the customer. Hand-made capsules do not provide high-quality adhesions of the hair and keratin, as there is no pressure, and air, which is formed between the hair and keratin prevents strong soldering the capsule. Therefore, the quality of capsules, made by hand is less than quality of capsules made by special equipment.

The capsules are worn from 2 to 4 months depending on the rate of growth of hair of the client, and then needed to make the correction.

We produce the capsules from the Slavonic, Ukrainian and European hair with the length from 45 cm, more than 25 basic colors. We can also provide a service for you re-encapsulate your hair in any quantities.

Фото Capsules