We produce hair products of only 100% natural human hair: wigs, half-wig, weft hair, weft hair on clip, pony-tails, polymer-based hair, fringes and hair pins. Major brand lines: Slavonic Virgin Hair Line, Slavonic Hair Line, Ukrainian Fashion Line, European 
          Hair Line. We purchase raw hair material on territory of Ukraine,Russia, former CIS countries. It refers to the Slavonic type of hair, so - the highest quality. Raw hair materials are sorted, then go through three types of treatment and dyed at the end. We guarantee the quality of the hair, produced by our company.


• All hair is double drawn
• No split ends
• Homogeneous color of all hair products 
• Hair is not treated with silicone, can be dyed, tinted           
• Hair have the same structure in whole tail
• Hair remains perfectly straight after washing
• Curls retains after washing
• Machine made pre-bonded hair meets European quality standards
• Huge selection of colors and shades by request
• Double seam on weft hair
• "Economy class" hair for a photo and video shooting, evening and wedding hairstyles.

 We are the only company that has all quality certificates and hygienic certificates of Ukrainian Ministry of Health for products produced by our company.
We are responsible for our products quality to the purchaser.

 What amout Raw Material? Where is it from?


         In every city you will find many companies that sell hair products and natural hair for extensions. But before opting for any of them, you should know a few important facts about hair and manufacture their products. And first of all - you need to know what kind of hair - which they were built and what kind of treatment have passed. After all, it depends on how long they will have an initial appearance, and what their care needs.

         Most of the hair is coming to us from China, Korea, India, where the people, owing to traditional and religious reasons to grow long hair. Collection of hair, usually in those countries does not exist. Asian hair collected in hair from the floor, picking up as cropped hair and combed hair. All collected in separate bags and rent collectors hair that sort of conduct and special treatment.

         In India, there is also no hair collection, in fact there is strictly prohibited by law selling hair. Indian women, praying and speaking to the gods, cut off his braids as a sacrifice, and to be a monastery. And since people are very religious Hindus, all the monasteries in India piled hair. Then the church sells their hair and used the money to provide free food and shelter pilgrims, takes care of the temple area, gives the money to the church nuzhdy.Odnako remember that in India there is complete lack of sanitation and the large number of live insects, including, and in her hair, which is why the Indians are constantly fighting with them. There are entire shops where Indian hair passes through the hands of the workers, mechanically cleaning the hair from the living creatures, which can is found on them, and that about 40 species of all living creatures.

         Asian and Indian hair is naturally dark, thick and hard. Because of the incorrect method of collecting the hair cuticle is in a different position or direction. This causes the hair awry and lose their looks. To compensate for this, the hair is processed by special machine that cuts mikrokutikuly, and are a strong chemical (lightening or acid baths) and heat treatment (to give hair shine), in which the scales of hair sealed. After which the hair cuticle to become suitable for building, and the upper layer kutikulny reduced by coating with silicone. The top coat becomes marketable, but after several washes with shampoo silicone layer is washed off, and the hair becomes dull and listless, brittle as straw, and tangle easily. Asian hair - it's the cheapest of all types of hair.


          The highest quality and long retains its original form, are Slavic hair gathered in Ukraine and Russia, which are called "Russian gold." They are soft, shiny and obedient and do not require special care. Children are the best cuts, as the hair of children more healthy and silky. Only the amount of this hair is very limited, so the cost of raw materials is very high compared with imported Asian and Indian hair. It is for this reason that there are companies that produce processed Asian hair for Slavic. Visually, they may be similar, but the feeling is always more Slavic hair soft and silky. If during the purchase can easily be mistaken for the Slav, a few weeks socks will show the true quality of the hair.

          Slavic hair cut also require professional treatment, as hair carry information about the health of the owner and can be a means of disease transmission. Hair since ancient times are considered agents of personal energy and are keeping the genetic memory of the person that has been proved by scientists. And even cut hair continues to maintain contact with his master. It is no accident associated with a lot of will.

       Hair analysis shows the current state of health, and they can be used to find out before the disease. So be very careful when purchasing Hair Extensions. If your hair is not properly handled, they can be a source of infection of many diseases, headaches and nightmares.




       Buying products from hair, be sure to ask what kind of hair and how they were handled. This is especially true increase in the salons, which you can offer for hair, cut from a previous client without special treatments. But that's not enough, the hair has become safer to wear and did not result in damage to your own hair.

      Our company - the only one in Ukraine, which has a state certificate of quality for all products available from the hair. We guarantee the safety of our hair, because all of our products before use is chemical and heat treatment. We have hygienic conclusion "of the Ministry of Health" for the use of our hair. Before applying the research and hair are provided to clients is clean, free of lice, psoriasis, etc.

    All hair undergo several processing steps that eliminate them from harmful bacteria and does not destroy the structure of the hair. Also, we have introduced an innovative system of hair treatment - cleaning silver . Silver has excellent antibacterial properties, and most importantly removes negative energy from hair. Treated hair so safe for health of the new owner, in both the physical and energetic level.

     From the moment of the cut before it reaches the hair on sale hair through several stages of processing, which convert the raw materials into a product, ready for use.



      First, raw materials  are sewn to prevent tangling, and the change of direction in the tails of the cuticle, and only then passes bacteria treatment - disinfection, which kills all harmful microbes. Then sewn hair thoroughly washed technicians, brought from Europe, specifically designed to clean cut hair. Then the hair are an innovative cleaning technology - silver, which removes them from the negative energy that has accumulated from the previous owner. After a thorough cleaning of the hair is dried naturally and combed out, leaving only healthy hair product without posechenny tips. Processing stage, usually raw loses about 20% of the weight.  


         Slavic hair come in two types of processing Single drown and Double drown. Once carded (Single Drawn) hair - it's the hair, carded - once in the hair strands or tails of different lengths, such as from 35 cm to 45 cm or 48 cm to 55 cm Double-comb (Double Drawn) all hair in the strands are only one length.

        After this treatment, the hair gain strength and healthy shine and is exceptionally silky and smooth. Perfectly amenable coloring, highlighting, tinting. For a long time keep stacking and perm. Reusability strands to build. The hair cuticles have a live accordingly term wear and build quality as the ideal procedure for hair extensions.


        Ukrainian Hair Line - Slavic hair, held thermal and chemical treatment to give hair the same colors. Hair carefully sorted by length, color and quality. They are then prepared and painted by hand, which ensures the highest quality of painting. Dyed hair combed on cardio, and then make any tress or keratin capsules. Accordingly, the quality compared with the Slavic natural hair silk line less high. Hair is considered second-class, and cheaper than silk hair, but much higher quality than the Asian and Indian. 

 Ukrainian weft hair

       We do not handle  hair with silicone. We developed the technology of processing when raw materials do not damage the hair cuticle and eliminate their clutter. So we do not need silicone to give the hair its presentation. They shine without it. We carefully monitor the quality of raw materials and their processing at each stage to eventually get good and shiny hair. All our products can be colored, twist, tint - and they will not lose their original appearance.

       Our production runs on modern Italian and American equipment, which allows us to produce a wide range of quality products from  hair. 

 weft hair on a clip  making weft hair

Product quality speaks for itself:

  • All hair is double drawn (one length)
  • The same color in all products
  • Hair has the same structure in each tail
  • Hair not treated with silicone, can be colored, twist, etc.
  • After washing your hair retain its structure: straight - remain perfectly straight, curls - keep curls
  • Capsules made by automatic soldering equipment that meet European standards
  • Huge selection of colors, shades of manufacturing custom
  • Double stitching double weft on the weft hair 
  • We guarantee the quality!