палитра 1

Very important when choosing a hair extensions or hair products from - select the exact shade . Our company works with different color palettes , you may only need to call the company 's products . But for your convenience , if you do not have the palette , we have developed our own, and you can choose any color you are interested in.


PROF-LINE hair coloring process makes on the special equipment , by the Italian compositions that can not damage hair. But it is very important because the cut hair devoid of natural components and very sensitive to different agents for hair dyeing .


You can order the color palette we have , it is yet to be updated, it is only a part of colors, we can color the hair extensions , so we do any other painting of hair products ( wigs, hairpieces , hair clips on , tails , false bangs, hair on the crab , etc.).


Colors, in which we can dye hair is so wide that you can ask our consultants about color that you are interested in , even if it is not online at the moment. Our products and hair can be colored , just note that cropped hair extensions have a different pigmentation and preferably all hair dye , or a specialized production , either through a specialist , but in any case , not at home! Just to clarify , you can not all the hair line ( check with managers ), but all natural hair can Uras in dark colors , as well as toned .



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