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Today, when the market is saturated with proposals to increase hair and sell hair ( sometimes of dubious quality ) is very important to remain competitive ability . Internet is full of headlines "Slavic hair from 1000 UAH ", and your customers will naturally ask hair " cheaper ." It is clear that for 1000 UAH Slavic hair can not be. Max can get " prosilikonenuyu Europe." But how to explain to the client ? While he does not see their own experience , and not bitterly regret the truth will not clear him .

How to organize your work in light of these events , to help you make a profit and not to lose your customers who are after a reasonable price, our company has already taken care of !

We suggest you use a quality hair today and save ! Do your customers a pleasant surprise in the form of discounts on the hair - it's real!

All hair is produced by our company ( as a product ) certified and tested quality control.


1) Hair - blank
This is a unique new line of hair that allows you to not only save on costs , but also offers a wide range of applications have such hair . Such hair is processed in three ways: chemical, thermal , bacteriological . After that hair dyed Italian quality drugs that preserve the structure of the hair and cuticles . Hair has a base color .
In the presence of knowledge of color, you can use hair - blanks that would paint such hair in the desired color for the client from dark to light shades.
Benefits of using this line of hair - the price is much lower than that of the finished cut. Opportunity to paint the cut tone on tone client. Opportunity to buy 1 kg slices billets at special wholesale prices. Work data you can use for any client. This is useful if you have regular customers, and you want to earn not only on hair extension service , but also on the hair. In this case , no risk ! Hair -storage can be painted in any color .
Hair - blanks can be tress , capsules , slices . Offered hairline in blanks : Ukrainian hairline , hairline status hair, dyed hair Slavic .

2) Hair raw materials

We offer hair - feed. Slices of hair that have been processed , combed , washed. These are natural hair is not dyed shades . In the raw materials we offer hair : Chinese , Uzbek , Mongolian , Indian hair . Hair are dark shades . Just gray hair.
Such hair we sell only the minimum score . Minimum batch of hair is 1 kg. The price for such hair depends on the length of hair , as well as from the party. The more game bought , the cheaper we sell raw materials. 


стойка23 ) Products from hair wholesale 

If you are engaged in the wholesale of hair, either you or online store selling hair salon , we invite you to cooperate with us and to buy raw materials and finished products in bulk.
We offer you not only a wide range of our products and favorable conditions of representation, but also commercial equipment to accommodate the range - for free!

4) Hair products service

If your customers are demolished hair and left them to you , or you just want to give the customer an opportunity to " save " and not buy new hair, we can alter , perekapsulirovat restore your client's hair , we have a service service of the products of hair.

5) Discounts on company products
If you do not already have a discount card that allows you to get a discount as a master , you can send your request to the address JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING and fill out the form , you will receive your personal discount card which will enable you to order our products with your personal discount.
We hope that our care taken to your needs , help you master how to have an additional source of income, as well as to remain competitive in the market of hair extensions .