Hair loss and baldness - no longer a problem! Unfortunately, there are situations when alopecia is impossible to stop treatment with drugs, and it can not be lost with each passing month more and more hair. Hair extensions in such a situation does not help, but there is an exit-ipplant of hair for men and women! This is the latest unique technology developed by our company. Measurements on individual specific part of the head of our technology is developed from the hair implant.


Selected hair texture, color, ideal client. It is attached to a special master technology, it is very comfortable to wear, it does not remove without subsides, you can wash your hair, do a variety of hairstyles, styling, haircuts. Leather head sweats, pad hypoallergenic, no discomfort from the article no. Periodically made correction, on average, before the correction term socks about 3-4 months. The procedure is safe and accessible to everyone! 




импл имплант

имплантат из волос имплантат из волос мужское наращивание





In some cases, use of hair implant:

thinning hair
balding crown
Baldness parietal area of the head
creating elongated haircuts for short hair

In what cases people should use  hair implant:

  • thinning hair
  • balding
  • baldness pariental area of the head
  • creating longer hair 

We produce hair implants of two types of fixing:


1) The fastening system, using a special adhesive agent. This system is securely fastened to the scalp, and is worn in an average of 1 month. Mount allows you to wash my hair, do different hairstyles and styling, swim, play sports, go to the bath. Correction is usually 1 time per month.


2) Fixing with clips - the product sutured large and small clips that help you secure it. The number and size of clips is determined individually. This mount helps you to easily put on and remove the implant at any time, without the services of a barber.


With an implant of hair you can afford any haircut, any colors and lengths. You can order yourself some implants with different hairstyles, for example - an everyday, business, for celebratory events, etc. 


The cost depends on the diameter of the implant zone coating weights, length of hair, and the fastening system.  

 мужская система



From whatever problem you are facing, there is always a solution!

Implant of hair is the perfect solution for men and women to hide a receding hairline and emphasize your individuality!