Long , luxurious hair in just 30 minutes is not a dream but a reality! Company PROF-LINE presents a novelty - Express Hair. This is the highest quality hair Slavic mounted on elastic , almost imperceptible polymers . For the full capacity must be installed 40-50 plates , depending on your hair density and structure , as well as the desired length. Express hair extensions - it's very convenient and profitable, because the cost of one plate is 60-80 USD, and this quality Slavic treated hair. As a result , the cost of Slavic hair of the highest quality for the full capacity will be about 3000-4000 UAH (just produce hair on polymers of different lines of hair under client). Hair on polymers refers to the cold accrual and is absolutely harmless to your hair.




Analyzing professional production capacity in Ukraine and other CIS countries and Europe , it appears that companies offer Asian or Indian hair type. However, the hair is much thicker than a hair of our hair type. To make the hair thinner , many manufacturers attenuate it in special acids. As a result - negative consequences: the fragility of hair sectional koshlatost hair after coloring and also in hair during wear . The photo or video such hair look shiny and puppetry . They are not recommended to paint or tint , as already thinning hair is very fragile . Therefore, individual shades displayed on this hair is problematic.


The biggest drawback is the fact that in the correction and combing hair loss, as well as "is stolen" from the client desired length. Fixing all kinds of capsules involves removal of such strands with a special liquid, then attaching cut off and re-enlarged. For each hair perenaraschivanii 1-2 cm shorter than this or falls to 50% combed hair expensive. And the customer needs to buy more hair.


PROF-LINE company began to actively develop its own mounting system and hair quality.

The latest development - STATUS hair - an innovative hair quality, ideal for the hair structure Slavic type. Nanotechnology professional hair fixing mount allows for 30 minutes, the hair is completely harmless. To build STATUS hair used only virgin hair - healthy and elastic hair cuticle with live and containing a natural moisture.


This hair extension wears from 1 till 4 monthes в зависимости от клея в крепления и индивидуального роста волос клиента, и при коррекции волосы не выпадают.


Express hair – innovation hair quality


  • Nanotechnology and the best fixation
  • Fast extensions 30 minutes
  • Safely for your hair
  • Hair ‘double drone’ 
  • Easy technology for masters
  • Safety fixing
  • Comfort
  • Hand Made collection
  • Chance for clients with problem of hairloss
Hand made collection Express hair means about it is exclusive. Wheel performed with one tail. We do not mix with each other structures. Combed the entire short tail, vellus hair remains one length, both above and below the tail. This is called 'double drone'. Hair of the highest quality.


Such extension we offer only from selected natural Slavic hair collected on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries. On the structure of the hair are perfect to our hair. Each kit capacity Express hair - a unique quality and gentle handmade selection, processing, combing hair, hair setting polymer plates.


Hair consists mainly of keratin - a protein composed of amino acids. Cuticle hair is protective, barrier function. It is formed by overlapping layers of transparent 6-10 keratin plates, interconnected by numerous cross-linked, and lipid layers. Cuticle prevents mechanical and physical influences on the hair. Intact cuticle reflects light well the hair shines, do not break. Such hair with proper care can last up to 10 years.