We invite you in our business.

       We have experience more 10 years in the beauty-industry. We know how to teach you make money with little investments.

       If you wish work and earn money. If you are looking for a new profile to get money with a small investments. If you want to be trained and supported in this business, we are inviting you become business partner.


       We propose you a Distributor offer, which includes:


       •The right for getting education author’s programs of Training Center PROF-LINE

       •The right to sell exclusive products of TM PROF-LINE

       •Your will take part joint projects and master classes

       •We will make presentation of you on exhibitions and conferences

       •We will help you in building of your business in your state


       The most important thing for companies like us is a professional way to business partners, training, and quality production of hair and accessories, which have no analogue in the world.

       If you are interested in cooperation, we will help you quick and easy establish the system of work.

         Additional advantages of working with our Company. You can buy a franchising package of TM PROF-LINE.

      Education which is included in the package of franchising  for the head of the business:

  • "Creating a business from scratch
  • «Managing of shops and distributors»
  • «Creating an effective team»
  • Marketing plan and the sales plan»
  • «Financial plan»
  • For the staff «Active sales»
  • «Telephone sales»franchising
  • Customer service standards
  • Standard of laying out of the products
  • Standards for selection of successful salespeople
  • Motivation and training of the sales staff
  • Selection of the technicians and masters for procedure of hair extension
  • Preparation of the training plan. Training programs for the procedure of hair extension
  • Procedure of the improving the qualification of personnel trading
  • Working with the customers complaints
  • The CRM program, and what it provides for business management
  • Logistics
  • Development of the commercial offers and the price lists
  • Corporate / wholesale sales
  • Accounting and reporting of the staff
  • The inventory
  • Assortment matrix. Calculation of required reserves

 Franchising package provides to you many benefits:


  • business franchise remains independent, in particular, there is no limit on earned income
  • Monthly sales of products shall be not less than 50 000 USD
  • provides quick and efficient start a business: since the start of the project franchisee receives all the benefits of economies of scale and experience, which he alone can achieve only after a long time, but may not reach at all
  • virtually absent or greatly reduced period of output on the break-even point
  • guarantee the absence of competition from the network- franchisor on the working territory of the franchisee
  • there is a constant advisory support to franchisor regarding the professional matters. Under the concession agreement transfers to the franchisee may engage the employees of franchisor in solving the problems
  • all the expensive advertising campaigns conducted by the network - franchisor including the international scale, apply to a business franchise
  • you get a complete package of video and still images, as well as models designed catalogs, brochures, web site, which need only be translated into your language
  • we can help you arrange effectively and standardized the room and with laying out the products


       For the Ukrainian and foreign contacts:

       +380 44 453-33-99, +380 50 469-03-73

       Yuliya Agafonova,   JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


       We also may propose you list of necessary documents for cooperation according T/T

       We make delivery of goods in Ukraine with domestic shipping company and other countries in world using service of Express delivery.

       For foreign representatives, we are working according delivery within a week, depend on country of destination.