PROF-LINE - is the company that successfully working in beauty industry for over 12 years. It offers modern goods and services and compehensive solutions for beauty salons and their clients. PROF-LINE - is the FIRST HAIR SUPERMARKET which was founded in 2001. Since 2006, our company produses its own high quality lines of hair: Slavonic, Ukrainian and Status Hair. In addition, we invented new series of protein enriched hair. Such hair 100% enriched with protein, the structure becomes elastic, hair cam be longer and looks more natural. PROF-LINE Company is a manufacturer of the hair for professional extension (higher quality) – Slavonic and Ukrainian hair lines, and also offers products from the hair – wigs, half-wig, pony-еails, weft hair on clip and fringes. The company has whosale and retail chain of PROF-LINE stores in Ukraine.We offer a wide range of products for immediate hair extension, volume and length increasing of eyelashes, shape and color modification of eyebrows and lips,professional hair care products and much more. We offer our customers new technologies. For example, innovative technologies for diagnosis and micro scanning of skin and hair determining individual characteristics of each client. Company provides aducation center. It trains 10 techniques of hair extensions, eyelashes waving and extension, hair braiding, hair straightening, offers training for makeup specialists (both basic and advanced course), conducts business training for administrators of beauty salons and managers of the industry. PROF-LINE is the leading brand of Ukrainian beauty industry.